The platform for your procurement

Our web-based software solution allows you, as a public purchaser, to create all the essential components of your tender documents for goods and services in just a few clicks. You can reduce even complex tasks to a matter of minutes.

Create tender documents in minutes, even without procurement knowledge.

Automation of procurement processes through AI-supported digitalization.

Access a comprehensive database of reference product and service descriptions.

The GovRadar modules: perfectly tailored to your needs

GovRadar AI

Optimized tender documents through intelligent AI support.

AI-generated text suggestions for tender documents.

Intelligent research in thousands of tender documents in partnership with our smart AI assistant.

Significant time savings in research and tailoring procurement templates to your specific needs.

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Find out how GovRadar can simplify your procurement processes:

GovRadar Tenders

Quick access to the knowledge of thousands of tender documents.

Tender database with real documents from other public clients from all areas of application.

Intelligent search with fast document previews and automatic highlighting of relevant sections.

Easily download individual documents or entire tender dossiers.


Are you ready to simplify your procurement with AI?

Arrange your no-obligation demo appointment and secure GovRadar AI until 30.09.2023. free of charge with one of our basic modules

GovRadar Markets

Comprehensive product database for the smart definition of supply specifications.

Direct comparison of your requirements with the existing market offer of suitable products and manufacturers.

Database with millions of products saves tedious research.

Significant time savings by effortlessly creating structured service descriptions including evaluation criteria.


GovRadar Documents

Guided creation of contracts, forms, and many other standard documents.

Easy creation of contracts, forms, and many other standard documents with the help of an intelligent assistant.

Independently develop your own interactive document templates without programming knowledge.

100% compatible with the new EVB-IT digital contract templates.

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