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About us

Welcome to GovRadar – a proud GovTech startup based in Munich, co-founded by Sascha Soyk and Daniel Faber. We have a deep understanding of the overwhelming bureaucracy within the public sector.

Manual tenders often demand extensive contemplation due to their intricate language

Imagine utilizing that time more efficiently. Our data-driven solutions, featuring sector-specific AI tools, not only enhance transparency in the procurement process but also significantly boost its efficiency. GovRadar allows you to generate tenders with just a few clicks. Say goodbye to technical complexities and never-ending procedures – embrace clear, comprehensible steps for achieving successful procurement.

Discover how our specialized AI tools cater to sector-specific needs, streamlining and optimizing the procurement process. Reach out to us today to explore further.

Team Sales


Fabian Langer

Team Lead Customer & Marketing


Stefan Leismann

Team Lead New Business Sales


Karolina Svensson

Senior Sales Manager


Tobias Rohringer

Senior Sales Manager

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Emily Hauke

Junior Sales Manager


Katharina Spindler

Junior Sales Manager


Selina Nayyar

Junior Customer Success Manager


Tristan Jäger

Junior Customer Success Manager


León Fischer-Jung

Werkstudent Customer Success


Christopher Riedl

Sales Development Representative


Antonia Kunz

Sales Development Representative

Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-28 um 10.22.46.png

Pascal Michalski

Sales Development Representative


Luca Peter

Sales Development Representative


Katrin Heinrich

Sales Development Representative


Florian Fischer

Sales Development Representative

Fenja Zöllner

Sales Development Representative

LinkedIn_Bild (2).jpg

Jakob Hubert

Werkstudent Sales Development


Aline Fisch

Marketing Manager


Julia Pawlicki

Junior Marketing Manager

Team Operations


Charlotte Stollmann

Chief of Staff


Stefanie Becker

Senior Operations Manager

IMG_1453 (3).jpg

Jessica Kiarass

Teamlead Operations

Team Engineering


Raphael Pohl

Senior Software Engineer


Christian Zehetbauer

Software Engineer


Janne Hinrichs

Junior Software Engineer

image (5).png

Marco Knappik

Junior Software Engineer


Jamie Kämpfe

Junior Software Engineer


Nicolai Horlacher

Working student Tech


Lukas Flaig

Bachelorand Tech

Profilbild Option einzeln.jpg

Aylin Wahl

Praktikantin Tech

Team Product


Laura Scherer

Junior Product Manager

thumbnail_Foto Universal.jpg

Karl-Lucas Barth

Working student contract and procurement law

Our Office

in WERK1 - the most startup-friendly space in Munich

GovRadar GmbHc/o WERK1, Am Kartoffelgarten 1481671 München
+49 89 219092930

Google Maps
WERK1, Grafinger Str. 6, München, Bavaria 81671, Germany
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