Supply specifications in 10 minutes

Minimize the effort in creating supply specifications for your procurement documents.

Efficiently draft specifications
in record time

Go from starting with your reference product to creating legally compliant specification documents in just 10 minutes.

Unparalleled depth of product data

With over 5 million reference products across more than 120 product categories.

Integration into existing processes

Seamlessly integrate the GovRadar documents into your procurement processes.

Automated specification documents

Populate your documents and create texts without the need for specific procurement expertise.

Start easy into creating supply specifications by using an individually chosen reference product or based on your specific product characteristics.

The GovRadar software automatically adds and pre-selects relevant and industry standard product features.

Full customization and transparency at all times: product features can be dynamically added or removed.


Real-time market exploration

Compliant with procurement regulations, product and manufacturer neutrality.

All potential manufacturers and the number of possible products that can fulfil the respective combination of product features are in view at all times.

Keep an overview over all potential manufacturers and the number of possible products that can meet the combination of product features available at any stage of the process.

Transparency regarding manufacturer-specific product features minimizes the selection of procurement-critical features and characteristics.


Interested? Let's get started!

Let’s find out how GovRadar can simplify your procurement processes:

Easy collaboration across departments

Multi-user access minimizes friction and makes collaboration simple.

All-in-one platform: collaborative drafting, review, and finalization of supply specifications with all colleagues using a single software.

Tracking of market size at the time of creation for a audit-proof documentation.

Finalized performance specifications can be downloaded as .docx (Word) or .xlsx (Excel) files, allowing further processing outside the GovRadar software at any time.

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