"EVB-IT Digital": The tool for automating IT contracts by GovRadar and BMI

GovRadar, in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI), has developed the "EVB-IT Digital" project. The software solution for automated contract creation is a key component for smart contracting in public procurement. It is an important step towards the digitalisation of the administration, enabling it to work faster and more efficiently.


The software for the automated creation of EVB-IT contracts

User-friendly, efficient, and compliant with procurement law

The first step to fundamentally simplify public procurement

What was the challenge?

A lack of specialists and a heavy workload for employees delay procurement projects. The necessary expertise is not sufficiently available to cover all areas. Fear of erroneous tender documents and the associated legal conflicts leads to hesitant procurements.


What is the solution?

Automate contract documents with "Human in the Loop" to empower administrative staff to meet all requirements and compensate for missing expertise.


What is the result?

A tool has been developed that guides the user through the creation process of EVB-IT contracts. Administrative employees are enabled to create legally secure contracts in a short time and thus have more time to focus on other non-automatable tasks.

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