Receive proposals in record time

With the GovRadar database you gain access to a multitude of suppliers. This allows you to receive significantly more offers and benefit from real competition and better terms.

Request for proposals at the push of a button

Quick and easy access to your proposals directly within the platform - audit-ready and compliant with procurement regulations.

Streamlined communication with suppliers

Smooth communications: clear and compliant performance descriptions meet suitable suppliers.

Procurement regulation compliance built-in

Comprehensive documentation and neutral treatment of all suppliers, assured through documented deadlines and an optimized supplier integration process.

Receive your proposals within 72 hours

Automated and anonymous comparison of your performance description with the GovRadar database.

Receive proposals from suitable suppliers faster than ever before, without extensive market research.

Achieve true market penetration: our platform always lists at least 3 suppliers.

The supplier list can be expanded with your own suppliers as needed.

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Already trusted by over 90 satisfied customers

Procurement law compliant automation

Quick and easy - but always on the safe side.

Reduced communication effort throughout the entire process, as clear and procurement-law compliant performance specifications meet suitable suppliers.

Complete documentation and equal treatment of all suppliers through documented deadlines and an optimized supplier integration process.

Every proposal is visible to you on your GovRadar dashboard, at any point in the entire process.


Procurement law checked by the specialised law firm KNH Rechtsanwälte Hochstadt und Partner.

Award contracts fast

From tender to contract - it has never been faster and easier.

All received proposals are immediately visible on the platform after the bid deadline expires.

After receiving the proposals you can contact suppliers at any time directly from or outside the platform.

Suppliers can be awarded contracts directly in the platform after reviewing the proposal.

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